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Picturemama is a face-recognition photo platform that helps to organize, deliver and share event photos. From small family events to big size social gatherings it is designed to be fast, accurate and easy to use. Powered by world class face recognition technology.

Amplify your event via guests' photo sharing

We empower sport, conferences, trade-shows, and other industries with  face-recognition photo and marketing platform that is designed to connect attendees with their event photos while extracting engagement data insights for marketing purpose.

You get set up quickly with no hardware or software to install. It’s free to get started.

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Memorable life events moments

You probably have hundreds of pictures from weddings, anniversaries or trips with friends. Your friends and family members might be snapping photos on their mobile phone as well. Now they can upload them directly to Picturemama  and we group all the pictures by face for easy finding and sharing. Delivering your event magic moments to your friends, teammates or family members has never been easier.

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World class face recognition & custom solutions

Our AI facial recognition technology is trained on thousands of real-photo datasets that we host and process at Picturemama. Thousands of hosted photos allows us to train machine learning models to recognize patterns from photos with great accuracy and speed.

We are powered by world-class face recognition technology from Innovatrics. Our software can either be run in the cloud, dedicated cloud or seamlessly integrated into your own infrastructure or service.

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The easiest way to share and deliver photos to friends

Sharing photos among friends never been easier. Here is how it works. Let’s say you are on the hiking trip with friends and everyone is taking photos on their mobile. You can share with friends (no need to have picturemama account) a central photo upload link so all the photos are collected in one place and then face-grouped for easy photo finding. You can also search your photos by uploading a selfie face picture.

No more photos back and forth swapping via What’s up, Instagram or Facebook app. It’s dead simple.

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Over 1 000 000 event photos delivered.
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